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It is free to post an advert here for your Contender or personal equipment, buying or selling.

Adverts are posted for 3 months, and are automatically removed after that time. If you need your advert displayed after that time, please email the webmaster to ask for an extension.

This is a facility provided for the benefit of Contender sailors, so only ads deemed relevant and / or suitable will be authorised.

Your advert will not automatically appear on the site, but will first be approved by the webmaster. Normally this is within a couple of working days - if it seems longer than that after you confirmed it, email the webmaster to request approval.


Please be truthful and accurate in your description of the item you are listing.

Trade Listings

We accept trade listings - for a price! Please contact the webmaster to arrange a suitable deal ... :-) This can include banner advertising as well.


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