Primal fleet at Weston

It’s amazing how the promise of a competitive regatta galvanises our efforts. Like a group of addicts deprived of our fix for too long, the Weston fleet has gone a bit primal at the smell of the upcoming Contender Invitational Event.

We’ve had some lovely relaxing sailing days with decent turnouts during this strange year. But last Sunday was something else, with so many competitive boats turning up, giving it the feel of an open meeting already.

So, with just two weeks before the big event Contender Invitational at Weston, the local fleet were out in force for some much needed practice. 9 Contenders took to the course for two back to back races last Sunday.

The first race was a marginal trapezing affair with plenty of shifts. Richard Franks turned up for his first sail since November and went straight into the lead. It was difficult not to spot him with his new black sail and white numbers. No doubt he’ll tell you all about the virtues of the sail material if you come down to the event. Richard’s lead was short-lived, with Mike Murley-Hughes, Mark Watts and Rob Angus all having a go at leading, with the eventual order being Mike, Mark, Rob, with Richard in 4th .

After a wait for the course to be reset for the shifting wind the next race started in a decent force 3, still with plenty of shifts for entertainment. Mike, Richard and Gary Langdown all went right along the shore, so focused on racing each other that we totally overlooked Mark on the left. Having been OCS and returning to the line he split left and lead at the top. In fact I think he then lead for the rest of the race with Mike, Nick Curry and Richard all vying for places. In the end it was Mark, Mike, Richard then Nick. Gary left himself with a lot to do after falling out of the boat while adjusting trapeze height.

No overall results as this was just two races in our summer series, which Keith Paul is still leading by the way.

I’ve grown up sailing on Southampton Water for over 45 years and I love the place, but even I can’t claim to compete with Soren’s lovely report of the weekend Contender event at Garda. That sounded brilliant. We can’t give you Garda scenery, but we promise great bang for your bucks if you can come and join us for the Contender Invitational Event on 5/6 September. There are still places left. You won’t even have to fold your sails to get here :)

Sail No Helm Race 1 Race 2
589 Keith Paul 6 5
2639 Ralph Drew 8 8
2661 Nick Curry 7 4
2619 Mike Murley-Hughes 1 2
2710 Gary Langdown 5 6
2746 Simon Forbes 9 7
2709 Mark Watts 2 1
716 Richard Franks 4 3
703 Rob Angus 3 DNS


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