Interested in a trial sail?

OK, so you've read about the class, seen awesome pictures and videos and want to try one before you buy?

Well, we're a friendly bunch and if you've got one at your local club just ask for a go one day.

If you're unlucky enough not to have any Contenders at your local club, don't worry, just give Chris a call or email him by clicking here, he's nearly always got a boat you can borrow for a test sail down at Thorpe Bay Yacht Club. You can also have a go in Stranraer, Scotland by emailing here.

There are also spare boats which you could try a sail with at Weston Sailing Club, King George, Highcliffe or Stranraer, or we might even be able to bring one to an open meeting for you to try.

So come on, have a go and find out what you've been missing all your sailing life!

But be careful, once you've tried one you'll be hooked.

A little search of YouTube videos here might also convince you!!

If you're interested in buying one then have a look at the Classifieds section on this website. It may also be worth a scan of The International Contender Site, Apolloduck, Ebay, Yachts and Yachting etc etc....


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