Usually the first question that anyone asks is how do you tack the Contender.

From wire to wire try this at first and when you get used to it, you'll find your own way of doing it.

First ease the main about 18" to take the power out of the sail, then as the boat slows, come in off the wire.

Unhook with your forward hand and push the tiller away from you at the same time.

Duck under the boom (remembering NOT to headbut the mainsheet tower!), and as you move, push the tiller extension round the back of the boat.

Change hands on the extension and with your new front hand hook back on.

Pull the main back in those 18" and as the boat picks up speed get back out on the wire.

An advancement on this method is to ease the main then throw the end into the bottom of the boat.

With your now free front hand lift yourself on the trapeze handle so that you unhook.

Tack, and as the boat starts to turn come in and change sides as normal, hook back on and trapeze again.

Experts reckon around 5-10 seconds wire to wire!!


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