Contender Builders

The Contender is a strictly controlled one design class. Commercial builders are licensed by ISAF. Licenced builders in the UK are:

Gosling Dinghy Craft
Barnes Surges
Hatway La Mincombe Post, Sidbury
EX10 0QP

Tel: 01395 597603
Fax: 01395 597603 
E-mail: gdcltd@tiscali.co.uk 

Chris Somner Dinghy Services
40A Salterns Road
BH14 9HF

Tel: 01202 736704
Mobile: 07941 301742
E-mail: chris@cserve.co.uk
Website: Click Here

At this time, Sept 2016, the moulds used to build the highly popular and successful Ridge/Wavelength, Bob Hoare and Somner Contenders have been aquired by Hartley Boats who are looking to build new boats in the near future.

Boats are available in all glass epoxy, galss vinylester or wood deck and epoxy or vinylester hull.

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