Halifax Open Report

10 Contender sailors made it all the way from both ends of the country to enjoy competitive racing and banter at Warley Moor lake in West Yorkshire. The lake is the highest sailing Club in England at 410 metres. The competitors were greeted by beautiful sunshine and a gentle 12 knot breeze.

All the races were very close, with a number of changes of position throughout them all. Race one was to have the final top three contesting the lead with Mike Murley winning with Tom Hooton 2nd and Rodger White 3rd. The second race was a bit of a shake up as Tim Holden showed the fleet round the course with a fight between Tim, Rodger, David Davies and Ben Holden. The highlight of the race was during a racing rule education session being delivered by Tim to both Ben and David attempted to pass him on each side down a reach, Ben decided to have a wash and slowly (and surprisingly quietly) rolled gently into windward. After a good few minutes of lost composure from both David and Tim the race was completed. Tim was first, Rodger was 2nd, David was 3rd and Mike 4th with Ben a cold and clean 5th. The fleet retired for a cup of tea and cakes before the last race of the day. Tim unfortunately had to miss the last race to due an alcoholic commitment for the evening. However, with a small course change the rest of the fleet started the third race. Rodger showed the way again, Mike, Tom, Bill Hooton and David were closely competing the other places. On the second beat of the first lap (a mini cats cradle course), Tom and Rodger were out front but Tom sailing his beautiful Bonezzi named "not fair", headed for the wrong mark. Several competitors generously advised him of his potential error. Tom however (with a grumpy face) decided to keep going on his special and unique course of his own. He was politely advised at the end of the first lap he had gone wrong by the race officer. The race was won by Rodger, Mike was 2nd, Bill was 3rd.

The evening was very enjoyable night of beer and curry with us all sleeping at Ben's house. A fabulous cooked breakfast was supplied ready for a new day. The weather was much the same as day one. The first race was a closely fought affair with Tom and David getting away enough from the rest of the fleet to relax slightly, however Mike always seemed to find a way of pushing but he never quite got close enough with the final positions in that order. Race 5 gave some much needed glory to our generous host with Ben first, Rodger 2nd and Tim 3rd. The competitors made their way in for a much needed pie and mushy pea lunch (yes we were in Yorkshire!!), very nice. The results to date were studied and picked over, Tom was heard saying "it's not fair"  but nobody was sure if was just talking about his boat. The fleet finally made there way out for the final race, could anyone catch the overall leader, Rodger White?

No, although Tom got away to win and was never close to being challenged, Rodger scored a 4th which was enough to keep Rodger as the overall winner, with Ben coming second in the last race.


1st - Rodger White - King George SC

2nd - Tom Hooton - Burton SC

3rd - Mike Murley - Weston SC

4th - David Davies - Loch Ryan SC



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