The British Contender Association Boat Bits travellers Trophy Round 9 was held at the Stone Sailing Club this year on the 30th June & 1st July. This was the first time for a good few years that the fleet had travelled to this friendly club on Blackwater.

The turnout was perhaps a little down due to the forecast but some locals as well as the hardened travellers turned up for the Blustery Saturday. After a few postponements the Saturday was blown off, all proving too much excitement for Phil Allison who packed his boat up and went home.

The rest of the fleet hung around for the Sunday in slightly less wind and a 10:45 start promising 4 races back to back.

Race one saw Dan Taylor tack off the line onto port, tack at the bank and disappear down the first reach while the rest of the fleet struggled against the ebbing tide in more central parts of the river Tony Smith, Stuart Jones and Chris Boshier were next to the top mark and swapped places on the downwind legs until the finish which saw the order as Taylor, Jones, Boshier and Smith.

Race two saw Dan and a few others break right this time, ~Dan making the best of it and again leading by a fair way at the top mark, followed by Jones, Smith and Boshier, due to the shared course there was a little confusion with an RS500 rounding a the same time as the following 3 which by the next time at the top mark saw the order reversed to Boshier, Jones and Smith, with Pete Barr sneaking in between Jones and Smith for the finish.

Race 3 and Taylor went right straight out of the start again, with most of the fleet and half of the remaining hornets copying his decision making it busy up the north bank, Taylor was yet again first to the top, but on this occasion Allan Mollat had seen some wind under the clouds out of the start, gone left and came out 2nd at the top, followed by Jones et Al. On the lead in to the top mark Smith put an excellent covering tack onto Boshier giving him just enough dirty air to not to be able lay the Mark and have to Gybe round to avoid the string of boats coming in on Starboard. Smith might not have been sailing for a few years but he certainly hasn’t forgotten any of his old tricks! By the finish Jones had overhauled Taylor with Smith 3rd.

The fourth and final race saw the whole fleet go right from the start, Taylor put a hitch in and tacked early, Boshier and Barr didn’t and ran aground, Barr having to gybe round and Boshier Getting out to push, on talking to Dan later he said he’d seen a 500 touch ahead of him and tacked out, unfortunately not such good luck for the other 2. As I was a fair way back by then I can only report the final positions as I didn’t see what the guys at the front were up to, so at the finish it was Stuart Jones, Martin Jones, Daniel Taylor and Tony Smith in the first 4 positions.

This gave the win for the East Coast Championships to Stuart Jones on Count back with Taylor 2nd and on count back again, Boshier in 3rd and Smith 4th.

Thanks must go to the race committee, caterers, bar staff and members of the club for making it a friendly open and one we hope to return to next year.


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