Contender Northern championship

Halifax Sailing Club  18/19th August 2012

The contender fleet arrived at Halifax sailing club with it’s stunning views and picturesque location with overcast skies and enough breeze to trapeze upwind.  The first race started on time with a clean start, a wind shift 2 minutes later gave an advantage to the boats that had gone left.  At the end of the short beat Tony Brooks rounded first followed by Mike Pullin, the course was a series of short beats and runs with a long reach using the full length of the water. At the end of the race Tony Brooks had held on to first followed by Tim Holden and Roger white.

After lunch two races were sailed back to back with a similar zig-zag course, the wind had now increased to provide full trapezing upwind and a great reach along the length of the lake, Tim and Ben Holden were now in charge and had a big lead in race 2 till the end finishing with Tim first Ben second and Roger 3rd.  The third race was a repeat performance for Tim and Ben in 1st and 2nd, Chris boshier had charged through on the reaches to 3rd pushing Roger to 4th.

The sun then shone to provide a great evening with clear blue skies showing the Yorkshire countryside in all its glory.  Sunday morning was a little dull and overcast with a lot less wind, a course was set and we made our way to the start line, Tim and Ben were seen chasing each over around before the start, they had obviously watched too much Olympic sailing, with all the excitement the start was a little premature resulting in a first time showing of the “Black Flag”.  The second start was clean and we all set off into the dying breeze, the race was shortened with Tim 1st Martin Metcalfe second and Roger 3rd.  With the wind now very light, we sailed in for lunch.  The wind finally gave up as the rain started, so it was time to pack up for the weekend.  With one discard Tim had won convincingly with 3 first, Ben was second and a very consistent Roger 3rd.

With thanks to the race officer and team for providing us with good challenging courses and the ladies who kept us all well fed and watered.

Overall Results:

1st  Tim Holden              Halifax                            3pts
2nd  Ben Holden             Halifax                            8pts
3rd  Rodger White           King George                   9pts
4th  Tony Brooks            Oxford                           11pts
5th  Martin Metcalfe         Killington                        11pts
6th Chris Boshier             Thorpe Bay                    15pts
7th Mike Pullin                 Halifax                            17pts
8th Neil Ferguson            Yorkshire Dales                21pts
9th Chris Walker              Staunton Harold              25pts




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