Race 1 Day 2 by Martin Frary

The day started with news of a 3 race day, to take advantage of the wind, with a dissaponing forecast for the rest of the week. The wind had swung slightly less offshore than yesterday so  conditions may have been expected to be more stable ?

Race 1 commenced in 8 knots.  The leaders arriving from the left hand side of the course , Leader after  the 1st triangle was Graham Scott, followed by Stuart Jones and Tim Humphires showing good speed, where was Ben After his dominant performance of day 1?.  The wind continued to be light but without the large holes experienced on Day 1, but with gains being available if the shifts where played correctly.

At the finish Scott took the victory from Jones, with Humphries followed by Martin Frary. Ben thought back to 11th after  being over the line at the start.

Race 2 day 2 By Ben McGrane

The wind increased slightly for the second race although this seemed to make very little difference to the wind stability. After an usually poor first day, Graham seemed determined to get his nationals campaign back on track and picked up where in left off in the first race taking another victory. Tom Hooton sailed a fantastic race, gaining on ever leg to take an eventual comfortable 2nd. Stuart continued his consistency in 3rd and Ben finished took 4th.

Race 3 day 2 by Ben McGrane

With a disappointing forecast for the remaining days of the event, the additional race was started as promised. The breeze further increased and for the first time the race officer took the decision to allow downwind pumping. The first beat saw the fleet split out to the sides of the course in search of pressure, Martin Frary played the shifts and gusts the best to lead at the windward with Matt Aston in pursuit. After maintaining his lead for much of the race Martin was finally passed on the final downwind  by Matt, Ben Holden took 3rd and Ben was once again 4th. A difficult race for Stuart saw him finish 15th.

Overall this leaves Ben holding onto his lead, 10 points to Stuarts 11. Martin remains 3rd with 15 points. Matt Aston and Graham Scott round off the top 5.


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