Craft Insure British Contender Nationals Day 1

Race One by Stuart Jones

Race One started in a light force one with big holes and patches. The fleet got away first time to find that there were many snakes and ladders around the course.

Those on the ladders gleefully made thier way down the first reach to only sit in the doldrums at the gybe mark and watch the whole fleet catch up and sit around the mark with them.

Chris How and Ben McGrane wiggled out first followed by a rowdy gaggle.

The madness continued as the holes, gusts and shifts continured to shuffle the pack. Thankfully the course was shortened after the run leaveing Ben McGrane to win with Adrian Smith and David Evans behind.

Race Two by Matt Aston

A speedy turnaround by the PRO got the fleet away with a clean start at the first asking in 10 knots of breeze. Everyone relishing the chance to stretch their legs finally after the difficult ligt first race conditions.

Ben McGrane lead at the windward mark from Martin Frary. By the gybe mark Stuart Jones had closed the gap on the 2 leaders. Tim Humphreys and Pete Dives revelled in the marginal trapesing conditions along with MAtt Aston making up the top 6.

The left hand side was paying and by the next windward mark Jones had pulled through to third, by the leeward mark Aston was chasing Frary for third as McGrane and Jones had now sailed clear.

It was now full trapesing all the way around the course but McGrane comfortably held his lead followed by Jones, Frary and Aston at the finish.


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