Burton Report 2009

Report by Tom Hooton 

 10 visitors made it to Burton sailing club for the Northern Championships from as far away as Restronguest with 3 Burton boats taking part also. The first race got under way at 12 in about 8 knots of breeze from various directions.

Race 1 saw the fleet get away cleanly with Ben Holden taking the lead followed by Stuart Backhouse and Nick Grace leaving the rest of the fleet to battle it out for the lesser positions.

Race 2 saw the wind drop slightly the fleet got away to another clean start with Nick Grace making it to the windward mark first followed by Nick Eggett but the fickle and shifty wind allowed Tom Hooton to catch up on the next beat to eventually creep thru followed by Chris Boshier the race finishing with Grace having got away into a big lead followed by Hooton and Boshier.

Race 3 the wind had steadied its self while the fleet was in for lunch. The fleet got off to a clean start once again with Holden Backhouse and Tom Hooton making it to the windward make close together Hooton taking the lead by the end of the downwind legs only to let 3 boats past him up the next beat as the wind freshened.  Backhouse eventually took the lead followed by Holden and Nick Eggett while Hooton let further boats past in the windier conditions.

Race4 started early on Sunday with the wind from a slightly different direction. The fleet got away with only 1 boat over the line (Ed). Holden got away to an amazing start, leading the race from start to finish followed by Nick Grace and Tom Hooton for the race to finish in that order.

Race 5 the fleet got away cleanly with Nick Grace taking the lead followed by Backhouse and Martin Metcalf. The  next beat saw Backhouse suffer gear failure as his Kicker broke he tried to sail on but eventually was forced to go to shore which allowed Metcalf to move up into second followed by Ed Presley who took third.

Race 6 got under way after the fleet had got a bit to eat at the clubhouse. Nick Grace had already got the event sown up but second and third were still up for grabs. The race got off to another clean start with Tom Hooton coming out on top followed closely by Grace and Backhouse. Grace got a puff of wind which allowed him to get inside Hooton at the wing mark and take the lead Hooton then allowed Backhouse to do the same on the next lap. The race finished with Grace taking the bullet followed by Backhouse and Hooton.

The final results saw Nick Grace crowned Northern Champion with Stuart Backhouse coming 2nd , wining the silver fleet ,  Ben Holden taking 3rd and offering Nick elocution lessons fitting to his new title! Tom Hooton finished  4th wining the bronze fleet and a pen to write the report.



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