Report by Matt Aston and Keith Paul

A nine-nation fleet of 94 boats contested the Contender Europeans hosted by SC Ebensee on Lake Traunsee in Austria between 28/8 – 1/9. 
The lake is twelve kilometres long and three kilometres wide with high mountains on two sides. The prevailing westerly wind reached the lake in gusts and came from all directions – spectacular scenery but a nightmare for the race team and sailors.

For the first 4 days the wind would not settle down, strong one moment then it was if someone had switched the fan off and then started it up again at the opposite end of the lake.

With only  3 races from a potential 8 sailed in the first 4 days, it was relief for all once we’d launched at  0645, yes 0645!, on Friday morning and were greated in the middle of the lake by a good force 4 and sunshine – albeit winter-esq temperature conditions !.
Going into the last day Ed Presley GBR 629 was top Brit  in 9th with 20,15,15 proving that consistency pays.

3 races were sailed on the last day ensuring that the Championship was completed with top Brit Graham Scott GBR 691 posting the best results with a 4,6,1 score line finishing 6th overall.
However the title went deservedly to 23yr old German, Christoph Homeier GER 551, who showed great consistency across the varied wind range to beat,  in every race, and pip current World Champion Andrea Bonezzi, ITA 11, to the title.

Giovanni Bonzio, ITA 47, recovered, like Scott, from an indifferent regatta start to seal 3rd overall from Dane Soren Andreasen, DEN 44.

Other Brits Simon Mussell, GBR 2372, and Matt Aston, GBR 702, eventually finished 9th and 10th respectively whilst carrying large scores. The old master Keith Paul finally piped Ed to 4th Brit and 17th overall with some experienced yachting in the windier conditions.

With the varied and difficult conditions throughout the week, large scores had to be carried by many resulting in a tightly fought championship.

Thanks must go to SC Ebensee and their race team for doing their utmost to ensure a Championship regatta was completed in the trickiest of conditions.

Sod’s law ensured that the diabolical weather and persistent rain, that had plagued us all week, was replaced by the true Austrian August weather conditions - glorious sunshine and a steady light breeze ! - as everyone packed their boats up ! 

On the equipment front nearly all were using carbon spars, with Homeier and Bonezzi using Wavelength Dacron sails along with 4 others in the top 10.

Next year’s World Championships in the Contender’s 40th Anniversary year are to be held in Medemblik, Holland, where a record 150 boats are anticipated.

1GER 551Christoph HOMEIER, TSVS11,012611(dnc)
2ITA 11Andrea BONEZZI, SCM18,025722(dnc)
3ITA 47Giovanni BONZIO, VCC31,018-351345
4DEN 44Soren ANDREASEN, HS39,0(dnf)426324
5GER 352Gernot GOETZ, SCU41,04831610-47
6GBR 691Graham SCOTT, RYA44,015-2018461
7NED 228René HEYNEN, WSVA46,03-42512242
8GER 522Karsten KRAUS, TSVS51,09716-22712
9GBR 2372Simon MUSSELL, HSC61,06-36129529
10GBR 702Matt ASTON, Datchet63,011-38451231
11GER 469Carsten IVO, WSVRh65,08-24202197
12AUT 26Günther WENDL, SCATT68,0-3512117209
13ITA 297Roberto MAZZALI, CVD68,07-2614131519
14GER 421Christian LEONARDS, JSR76,012142319-298
15GER 416Frank RICHTER, SVS79,02191924-256
16GER 354Alfred SULGER, SVD84,0-25172420194
17GBR 589Keith PAUL, WSC101,01023292613-43
18GBR 629Ed PRESLEY, RAFSA103,0201515-402825
19GER 11Andreas VOIGT, KSW107,0-332527301411
20GER 410Holger STENGELE, SCU114,03211-6081152
21GBR 707Peter DIVES, ESSC116,027(dns)28331810
22ITA 3Michele BENVENUTI, CVR120,01331302521-58
23ITA 34Roberto LORENZI, FDVR123,014-4131153627
24GER 395Dirk MÜLLER, SKWB124,0281826-513913
25ITA 315Antonio LAMBERTINI, CDV Aval127,0-46139293838
26ITA 362Riccardo BARTOLI, CVS133,022281331-5839
27GER 488Max BILLERBECK, WSVK142,0-7534450423
28ITA 360Emilio BETTA, FVR144,069(dnc)25181616
29NED 221Arjen de BRUIN, WSVWH149,029(dns)55272315
30GBR 2314Rodger WHITE, KGSC149,016-3922383736
31ITA 67Stefano BORZANI, FVD153,0176424147-55
32ITA 371Francesco LOMBARDI, CVD157,043(dns)43282221
33NED 218Rik THORBORG, WSVH158,038-4537373214
34GBR 613Tony BURTON, KG159,0-502141232648
35ITA 298Enrico PELLEGRINI, GVLNI Belluno161,058(dnc)5114830
36GER 531Joachim HARPPRECHT, TSVS163,0(dnf)dns8102723
37ITA 266Daniele FEZZARDI, FVD172,04033333531-44
38GBR 622Richard BUTTNER, RCPYC173,02446-64363334
39ITA 65Francesco de FALCO, CVS181,03732-69344335
40ITA 328Armando CARDANI, CVI185,0-743417575126
41GER 468Stefan GIEFERS, SVPB201,0303052-625237
42ITA 358Michele VEZZA, YCD203,031(dns)63324532
43GBR 1771Alan MOLLATT, SBS+WSC212,023(dnc)46544049
44ITA 26Dario CORNALI, VCC212,04127387234(dnf)
45GER 503Klaus JÜNEMANN, SVID213,034(dns)50486120
46GBR 696Antony E WHITE, LSC214,04753324735-57
47GER 526Patrick EHINGER, YCRa230,051(dns)36566522
48AUT 21Klaus COSTADEDOI, SCATT237,0571054(dnc)7145
49FIN 18Kare TIKKA, HSK238,061221149(dnc)dnc
50GER 2362Severin LORBACH, WSCW241,054(dnc)49443064
51ITA 340Riccardo BARONIO, AVB246,0(dnf)dns35424133
52ITA 376Matteo RUSTICALI, CN Savio247,042(dnc)34dns1759
53GER 485Michael SPRINK, SVPB248,06340-67646318
54GER 435Andreas HOHNER, YCRa251,0485045-666246
55DEN 56Claus LITZINGER, KBL255,049(dns)47594654
56SUI 82Jacqueline RÜFENACHT, TYC260,05537-66556053
57ITA 318Sacha MATTEUCCI, AVB263,02651536073(dnf)
58NED 212Bart THORBORG, WVB267,051656(dnc)dncdnc
59FIN 23Matti DILLEMUTH, HSK272,0604858(dnf)6640
60GER 464Peter KURZ, DYCH283,044(dns)1039dncdnc
61AUT 28Gebhard WALLINGER, SCATT285,0624465-675460
62ITA 330Manno Maria MANNI, AVB295,052(dns)40dns6741
63AUT 33Klaus REBHAN, SCATT296,07143-72655562
64ITA 180David GRANATELLI, AVB298,070(dns)73434963
65ITA 316Matteo BRESCIA, VCC299,072(dns)57455669
66GER 493Michael VANHEIDEN, SLSV302,0(dns)19704672dnc
67GER 529Tobias HANKE, WSG303,0362948(dnc)dncdnc
68ITA 341Carrara ACHILLE, CVE307,056(dnc)395859dsq
69AUT 37Christian WENDL, SCATT308,066(dnc)61dnf6917
70ITA 15Luca GUSMEROLI, YCD312,053(dnc)595253dsq
71ITA 368Antonio MARTINI, CNC314,0-785275635767
72GBR 2373Gary LANGDOWN, HSC316,01912(dnc)dncdncdnc
73FRA 11Jean-Francois DACHET, CNGIJA318,065(dns)71707042
74NED 226Ben van VEEN, WVB323,0(dnf)dncdnc614428
75NED 232Mark THORBORG, KMJC335,039(dns)dnc11dncdnc
76NED 222Jan HAANSTRA, ZVW340,0(dns)dncdnc748dnc
77NED 214John van DOORN, ARNE343,0(dns)dncdnc535050
78ITA 322Giovanni d'AGOSTINO, CVS345,073(dns)68716865
79ITA 21Silvio PACHI, AVB353,067(dns)77737561
80NED 199Ed SCHOLING, ZVB360,077(dnc)74697466
81GER 540Christoph ENGEL, KYC372,0594776(dnc)dncdnc
82ITA 186Enrico SESTILI, AVS374,0(dnf)dns79686468
83ITA 372Bruno ORFINO, YCCD416,0(dns)dnc80dncdnc51
84AUT 2Bilfrid BURGHARD, SSVS419,0(dnf)dns78dnsdnc56
85AUT 24Melanie WENDL, SCATT423,076(dns)62dnsdncdnc
86GER 472Utz MÜLLER, SSCK425,045(dnc)dncdncdncdnc
87GER 349Jörg BAHNEMANN, SCVP429,0(dns)49dnfdncdncdnc
88ITA 66Roberto SACUI, VCC444,064(dnc)dncdncdncdnc
89FIN 12Martin SÖDERSTRÖM, KOS445,079(dnf)81dncdncdnf
90GER 406Alex KROHMER, SCW448,068(dnc)dncdncdncdnc
91AUT 22Martin MÖSSLER, ÖSV460,080(dns)dnfdnsdncdnf
92NED 229Jaap v.d.WEELE, WV Arne475,0(dnf)dncdncdncdncdnc
92ITA 302Pierfranco MARCHI, CDV AVAL475,0(dns)dncdncdncdncdnc
92GBR 407Ian MOLLATT, SB475,0(dnf)dncdncdncdncdnc


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