A cold and windy forecast greeted the competitors for the first event of the national travellers series held over the weekend of 18/19th March at the picturesque setting of Datchet Water Sailing Club, The fleet included some of the best talent currently around include former World Champion Stuart Jones and currant Inland champion Ben Holden and currant National Traveller champion Matt Aston as well as International Contender Coach Simon Mussell

Race 1 was dominated from start to finish by Ben Holden after a clean break from the line and he was able to maintain clean air with the rest chasing hard with gust of 25 Knots hitting all the sailors. The main battle was for the next positions with Simon Mussell, Stuart Jones and John Browett swapping several times, with Browett coming out on top with Jones third after Jones went for a cold swim.

Race 2 was raced in similar style with lovely trapezing conditions with Paul Ross showing his true speed the battle for first was between Ross, Browett and Holden with the lead swapping several times. Browett took the lead on the final lap and after Holden went swimming, this let Ross in to take second with Jones third and Nick Noble forth.

Race 3 started with the wind increasing in strength after the start Jones, Browett and Holden went hard left and the rest of the fleet went hard right. Right paid with Aston and Mussel taking the a massive lead followed closely by newer comer Chris Kirk and Noble. After a few laps Holden and Jones had climbed to second and third but Aston was on fire and sailed away with the race.

After the first day Holden was in the lead with Browett second and Jones third. Coach Mussell carried out his debrief to his currant squad of sailors over a few beers and a curry in Twickenham.

Sunday dawned with slightly lighter winds in Race 4 it was Aston who sailed away with the race followed by Red Eye Jones and Mussell.

Race 5 was started with Jones on 11 points and Aston, Browett and Holden on 13 points the event was wide open. This suited Jones who produced his best race of the event and dominated from start to finish with Browett, Aston, Holden fighting it out for second on the final leg Browett sailed in second with Aston third and Tony White flew in to take forth from Holden.

Race 6 started with White starting 10 second before the rest resulting in a false start for him and with the main fleet going hard left and Holden and Noble going hard right. Nether side paid and the entire fleet meet at the top mark after the lead swapping several times it was Browett who took first from Jones, Aston, Holden.

So it was John Browett took victory in the traveller event from Jones and Aston.

Overall Results: -

1. John Browett  GBR 713  Datchet SC
2. Stuart Jones  GBR 701  Datchet SC
3. Matt Aston  GBR 639  Datchet SC
4. Ben Holden  GBR 2315  Halifax SC
5. Paul Ross  GBR 2348  Shotley SC
6. Simon Mussell  GBR 709  Highcliffe SC
7. Nick Noble  GBR 711
8. Tony White  GBR 696  Lancing SC
9. Chris Kirk  GBR 710
10. Ed Prestley  GBR 629  RAFSA


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