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The Contender has survived and thrived for the last 50+ years because it has benefited from an enthusiastic and dedicated class association.

The BCA and its international counterpart, the International Contender Association, are entirely voluntarily run members' organisations, and the only resources we have to look after the class and its interests comes from the annual membership subscriptions.

Without the support of all UK Contender sailors, the BCA will not be able to support, develop, or promote the class in the manner it deserves.

So if you own or sail a Contender, join us and help us represent YOU!

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The British Contender Association

The British Contender Association is the official UK class association of the International Contender Class.

The International Contender is the World's most popular single-handed trapeze sailing dinghy.

It was originally designed back in 1967 by Australian Ben Lexcen as a potential successor to the Olympic Finn Class. The boat won the 1968 Olympic selection trials, but for a variety of reasons was never adopted as an Olympic class. This was probably something of a blessing, as the class has thrived ever since. The longevity of the class is a testament to the original design: simple, practical, with classic good looks.

The Contender Class is truly International, holding ISAF International status. As well as a strong UK fleet, there are fleets in Australasia, North America, and right across Europe. The World Championships routinely attracts turnouts of over 140 boats.

This site contains details of what's going in the Contender Class in the UK; How, Who, What, Why and where.

If you've found your way here, you probably have an idea of what you're looking for - and if you can't find on the site in the FAQs etc, please feel free to contact us, and we'll try to help, or just contact us anyway we're here to serve the Contender sailing community of the UK.

If you only find yourself here by accident, well, welcome again, and please feel free to browse the site to find out a bit more about the International Contender - you never know, you might get hooked!


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British Contender Association

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